6.28.14 Two tubing trips, with two years in between.

Two years ago I purchased a cheap waterproof disposable camera. I bought it from the shop where you pay to go tubing on the New River in Blacksburg, Va. At the time, I was interning at The Roanoke Times for the summer. I never finished the roll and left it in storage while I went back to grad school. It's been six months since I've returned to join as a staff member of the paper. I somehow managed to remember the camera and shoot the rest of the roll last weekend, in the same place two years later. Today I got it developed and was so excited to see if anything turned out. There is something magical about film, no matter how old and discolored it is. 

Minus some of the selfies, I've put together some of my favorites here. Click on the photo to advance. Happy summer!

(And note to self: Learn how to swim!!!)